On June 18th at 4am President Trump tweeted:

Is it true that Trump’s approval rating was as high as Obama’s?  Let’s look at the daily presidential tracking poll shown on Rasmussen Reports for both Trump and Obama and we can determine what the actual numbers are.

The latest poll from Rasmussen as of the time of Trump’s tweet was June 16th 2017.  Let’s compare that day to the same day in Obama’s presidency on  June 16th 2009.

Obama’s Approval Index 
Obama Poll

Trump’s Approval Index
Trump Poll

Comparing the total approval rating that Trump is touting shows Obama with a Total Approval rating of 56% while Trump has a total approval rating of 50%. Also taking into account the Total Disapproval rating Obama has a rating of 43% while Trump has a rating of 50%.  This gives Obama a total Approval Index of +4 and Trump an approval index of -11.

Trump Obama Rating